Jesus Valencia | Portfolio
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Unique artworks and limited series

“Most of my artworks are inspired in the Andean Pre-columbian cultures”

Jesús Valencia

The Llamas Serie

These sturdy creatures are domestic animals used by the peoples of the Andes for milleniums.

The Andean peoples have used llamas as pack animals because they can move large amounts of goods over even the very rough terrain of the Andes.

Large Curved Llama. 2010
Geometric Llama Family. 2013.
Medium Two Heads Llama. 2012.
Large Copper Curved Llama. 2010.
Large Cubic Green Llama. 2016.

Chamanes and Llama Sheperds

From ancient times, our native cultures has persisted in the oases, valleys and gorges of the foothills of the Andes.

Surviving in one of the most inhospitable areas of the world, they have managed to keep their ancestral culture.

Chamanes is a well-known word for these special persons who were connected with the spirits and preserved their secrets. Each Andean culture have their own Chamán.

For its part, the Llama Sheperds were the ones who kept the Andean nomadic wisdom, in the context of their traditional narratives and oral heritage.

Four Chamanes
Four Chamanes. 2008.
Cubic Chamanes. 2012.
Giant of Atacama. 2012.
Llama Sheperd. 2011.

Human Figures

Human forms, lines and volumes are present in the artwork of the artists from the beging of culture.

Female Torso. 2017.
Miner. 2016.
Cubic Female Torso. 2017.
Layed Female Torso. 2017.

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