Jesus Valencia | The Artist Statement
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The Artist Statement

“Bringing ancient forms with modern lines”

Jesús Valencia

The Statement

According to Jesús Valencia words, there was an specific time and place in the history of art where art itself was extraordinarily pure: the pre-Columbian people of the Americas from Alaska to Patagonia were incredibly creatives.

Main civilizations, such as the Aztecas in Mexico or Incas in Perú, took art to a highest level and it was involved directly with spirituality.

Whereas, Jesús consideres his artworks as an expression of these ancient cultures of the Andes. “I bring all these Andean heritage to my artworks with a modern view”, recognizes the sculptor.

“An important amount of my art is a recreation of ancient culture expressions of the Andean people”

Jesus valencia
Jaguar Man, . When the Chaman covers himself with the jaguar leather and wears a neckles of the animal tusks, the Chaman becomes the Animal.

Why am I an artist?

“When I settled in San Pedro de Atacama, I was determinated to work as a silversmith, but in my deepest thoughts what I really wanted to be was a sculptor”, said Jesús. “It took me 5 years to realize that I should make an sculpture to became myself an sculptor… it sounds odd but it is the only way to get it”.

The artist Jesús Valencia holds a cubic female torse in his hands.

“Since then, 14 years had gone, I became a sculptor and my artworks had reached a lot of countries around the world, even though my works never had been in a gallery or exhibition”.

“Collectors from very different corners of the orbe has acquired my scuptures in my own workshop located in the world known San Pedro de Atacama, and that is very rare for other artists”, said the sculptor. “My way has been a very unique path”.

the process

“I don’t know if every artist feel as I do… when I get the inspiration statement I get immerse in an extasis of joy and I can not stop untill the artwork gets the soul and its shape”, shared the artist.

“Creating makes me to get in an exceptional state of joy”

Jesus valencia

Sculptures from the Andes and Altiplanic Cultures

San Pedro de Atacama – Chile